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New Photo Effect Everyday for Photofun

Are you bored with plain holiday photo that you use for your Facebook profile picture, or a photo of your cat on the floor that you use for your Blackberry Messenger profile? Well, plain photos can be improved, or completely altered into fun photos using photo effects. Place your cat photo on a picture that is hanged on the wall of the Oval Office, or post your plain black-and-white photo to a grungy Wanted poster on the wall. You can even see the reflection of your face on a cup of coffee!

To get you started, simply visit a photo effect website such as, where you can find new photo effect every day! Yep, you are right. This means you will always have new photofunia and new effect to use with your plain photo! All you need to do is to visit the website, check out the photo effects available, choose the one that suits your style and preference, upload a photo, and wait for the photo effect to complete.

There is no need to register, and the photo effects are free to use. You can share the photo fun result with friends on Facebook, Twitter, even Websites and Forums by copying the html code. You can save to disk or share the photo HTML with friends by copying the string of HTML code and send it by mail to friends. Enjoy photo fun activity at no cost and post different profile pictures anytime you want, on your virtual accounts and messaging systems.

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