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How Do Free Websites Make Money?

How Can Free Be Profitable?

I have been an internet surfer for about a decade now, and I have to admit that my own bookmarks contain a lot of free websites. I have returned to websites which offer freeware and shareware software, trial offers of major name brands, and other no cost offers.

Since I am also an internet marketer, I understand the business model of these websites. And some of them have endured for years, making money for their owners, while still allowing their visitors to get something for nothing!

So how does that work. How can these websites profit their owners?

One of the first things that became popular on the internet was the offer of free software. This may have been timed versions, versions without all of the features, or even fully functioning, complex online tools.

Well, some of it was written by moonlighting owners, and it really started out free. Perhaps the owner just wanted to share a useful tool he or she had written.

But much of it promoted a paid option. That option may have been extra features, a version that did not expire, or even consulting services.

Large companies, like the developers of WordPress, MySQL and PHP operate like this. Big business distributes for free, but gets paid to consult.

Other websites consisted of hundreds of links to free commercial products. You could find anything from magazines to baby products for free. These trials were posted in order to bring in potential customers. The manufacturers would actually pay website owners to give away their products.

Then the model changes a bit when website owners began posting free content, and that could have been articles, videos, or even games. The idea here is to keep internet visitors coming back for qualify content that did not have a charge.

In internet terms, traffic equals money. The website owners would be paid by having a sponsor. That sponsor would offer advertising in banners or links, and would pay the owner for clicks, sales, or leads. Some websites got paid by impressions as they had advertisers who just wanted to get their message displayed.

Think of traditional print magazines or newspapers. Now these are made of paper and must be printed and actually distributed physically. So they did cost money, but that charge covered distribution.

The real profit came from ads, and readers were attracted by the pictures and articles.

Think about tv. If you don’t count your cable bill, most programs are free. They are paid by commercials.

This is how many free websites work too. They exchange content, which can be articles, videos, pictures, or even user discussions for returning visitors. Websites that are good at bringing back visitors are considered “sticky”.

These websites can usually turn a good profit on their ads, if they can target them to the type of people who visit their website.

So return to considering a website that gives away freeware or shareware. That website may never profit at all from upselling this software, but can probably find ads that would also interest the type of people who are looking for computer programs.

If a free software website has sectons which would interest different types of people, it can be even easier to target. Consider that a woman who wants some content management software for her website may not be interested in the same software that a man who simply wants to find some software to help him run his offline business.

Success of a website may be tied to success at bringing in visitors, and then managing to target ads at those types of people. The free website model is one very effective way to win at this.

How to Manage Your Business Money Like A Millionaire – Webinar

How to Manage Your Business Money Like A Millionaire – Webinar Invitation – Presented by BizWebTV

Hi, Sandra Simmons here from Money Management Solutions to share one of the key missing steps that you need to do to manage your money like a millionaire does.

First, let me tell you that successful business money management is a very simple science. That means that there is a simple formula to follow, and if you follow the exact formula, it yields a specific, and predictable result.

Millionaires know and use this money management formula for one purpose, and that is to direct the use of their money, to control their financial future in order to reach their personal financial goals.

The first fundamental of successful business money management is deceptively simple. What is it? It is…Make more money than you spend.

The second fundamental is: Direct the use of the money you do make in a specific way to make even more money.

How do you do that?

The fast answer is, learn and use the rest of the business money management formula
I’ve designed a simple system that automates learning and using the formula that saves you a lot of time trying to figure this all out for yourself.

It shows you exactly how to use your business income each week to steadily progress towards achieving your specific financial goals
• Increasing your company’s income
• Cutting waste and paying off all debt
• Making bigger profits
• Making every dime of income make more money for you
• And achieving long term wealth

It’s a simple, proven system that works. That’s been verified by thousands of business owners.

Here’s the thing…Most business owners are behind the 8 ball – scrambling to pay last week’s or last month’s bills with this week’s income.

A few are on top of the 8-ball. Just keeping up with paying this week’s bills with this week’s income.

Only 1 out of 20 is ahead of the 8-ball and is using this week’s income to pay next month’s bills, to invest in the expansion of their business, and in future long-term wealth building activities.

Our system, spells out the exact steps to get you to here – in front of the 8-ball – thinking and planning in futures so you are in control of your financial future

It is a law of nature that the achievement of success starts with a decision to achieve a specific goal, followed by taking the actions necessary to achieve the goal.

So I want you to do 2 things:

One, decide that YOU are going to be the one who directs the use of your business money instead of being controlled by how much money is in your bank account.

And 2, start learning this system by accepting my VIP invitation to attend a FREE, live, one night only, online coaching webinar. I’ll be there live sharing the basics of the rest of the formula you can use to take charge of your financial future in 45 days or less, and Make Your Business Recession-Proof.

I think you will like what you’re going to see…how to increase your income and how to direct the use of your money so you take charge of your financial future.

I’ll tell you a secret about the private clients I work with all over the world that pay thousands to keep me on retainer – they are not worried about the economy, and they sleep really good at night because they aren’t worried about money.

I’ll show you the basic fundamentals of the system we use that make this happen. And I’ll share with you the results that some of our business owners have gotten by using it, so I think you’re going to love it.

You can simply visit the link below to accept your invitation, register to attend,
and claim your spot before this limited attendance webinar fills up.

We’d love to see you there.

And feel free to contact us about your questions, concerns or comments or need for business money management support. This is what we are all about!

And to get more information about us, visit the links in resource box at the bottom of this article.

Thank You!
Sandra Simmons

How To Find Business & Money Making Ideas & Opportunities ? Part – 1

One way to find such Business & Money Making ideas is to regularly look through Magazines, Newspapers and Periodicals. They generally contain advertisements of companies seeking for Partnerships / Distributorship

Also, the News Articles are a good source of information about various companies and their activities, which may be of help to you.

One of the widely used methods is the Internet, where we can find out a lot of websites explaining to us, – How to make money online.

On Internet, we can also find information about :-

Home based business opportunities

Small business opportunities

New business opportunities

Of all the above mentioned segments, the Home Base Business Opportunites are the easiest to find on the internet, and probably the hardest to start, because one needs to do a full research about the activity before starting the same. Only when one has sufficient knowledge, then one can be assured of his Business & Money going in the right direction.

There exist a lot of avenues for International Trade. With the demand for all types of goods and services increasing worldwide, one can make money by exploring the different avenues in this field

Through Network Marketing leads and seminars, one can learn how to make money online as well as offline and have a passive income. There are various companies which can be found on internet / through word of mouth.

In a nutshell, It might sound difficult, but we need to remember that there are no easy ways to make money. If there were, then probably everyone would have been a millionaire. We have to work really hard at learning some trade of our liking and then applying our specialized knowledge to make money.

I Hope you have enjoyed reading this article. As always, comments are Welcome and Encouraged. Cheers…

P.S. :- If you really enjoyed this post, then please consider helping us out and spreading the word. Thanks………..

Get Good Value for Your Hard Earned Money with Cheap Dedicated Server Proffers

A dedicated server involves a customer renting out a server that will be used as a network server. The single server will be used by a sole individual or organization and will not be shared with others. Getting a dedicated server includes the operating system, computer software needed, as well as the internet connection.

Running the server can be done by your own staff or your hosting company can provide server administrators for you. Dedicated servers are ideal for businesses as it allows owners to be more in control of their web content. It also provides more space and tighter security for your website.

Dedicated servers can be managed or unmanaged. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Dedicated servers are also compatible with different operating systems.

While dedicated servers are very convenient, many organizations and companies are reluctant to utilize it due to a misconception that it is costly. While dedicated servers are a paid service, you can usually find cheap dedicated hosting plans. Cheap dedicated servers do not necessarily mean that the service is substandard. You can usually find a number of providers that offer quality dedicated server hosting for a reasonable price.

Once you find several cheap dedicated server providers, you need to consider factors such as the operating system, bandwidth, monitoring, technical support, data backup, and other services. Make sure that the provider of the dedicated server is a reputable one. You don’t want to cut on costs only to find out that your dedicated server is not what you expected it to be.

Aside from offering good services, a dedicated server provider should also have a customer and technical support team that are easily accessible and available 24 hours a day. What good is a dedicated server if your website isn’t up and running for customers to see?

You can get a cheap but good dedicated host provider if you do some research. It is always a good idea to look at reviews from previous clients to ensure that the provider truly delivers a good dedicated hosting plan. Truly, a dedicated server doesn’t have to be expensive.

Choosing a Good & Cheap Web Host

The first thing people notice when shopping for hosting is the price. We all thing about saving some money, and shaving a few money off your monthly hosting initiative can help a lot.
However, you need to remember that market value is not everything. Some businesses provide very cheap hosting, but have very low bandwidth, web space, etc, or control panel is’nt user frendly have a lot of downtime etc…
When choosing a web host, you should be very careful. The principally step you should do, is analyze what exactly your needs are. Every site needs a different brand of hosting. If you just recently made  a blog or simple web site, you could probably get away with a shared hosting plan. However, if your site is larger, and it has a lot of traffic, you should get a premium hosting plan.

If you have a site that has many return users, you ought to need to look for hosting that has minimal downtime. However, if when chosing  a web host you are promised 100% uptime, you are being lied to. There is no such thing as 100% uptime. For those who do not know, “uptime” is the age your website is basically live and able to be accessed by people surfing the internet. It is nothing to worry about, as usually downtime lasts less than an hour, and is a really rare .
Though there are many methods on the web to help you when you are choosing a web host, the a large amount of valuable, in my opinion, is a nice forum. There are many webmaster related forums out there, filled with helpful people who are more as opposed to willing to help you out. There are as well a number of websites that are utterly devoted to provided that you with information to help you in the difficult process of choosing a web host.
For amateurs to web hosting, you should consult an web resource, or ask someone who has supplementary experience. It is hard to appreciated exactly what you need in a hosting company. For those amid just 1 to a few sites, a simple hosting procedures will suffice. However, if you own 10 or more websites, it may be worth it to purchase your own dedicated server.
You should always take your time when choosing a web host. The decision of what host to use is not one that should be made hastily. Hosting is vitally important to your website. If you have low top notch hosting that loads slowly and is at a slump often, it will be hard to convince people to end up with to your site. Return visitors are absolutely vital to your site. Whether your site is commercial or personal, you will be much more and more successful if you convince those to return to your site.

For an top notch resource on the best bang-for-buck web hosts out there, check out the  free hosting review website for a truthful listing of some great web hosts.

Cheap Web Hosting! How to Choose the Right Hosting Company?

After completing the tough part i.e. creating the web site, the next further step to be followed is to host it, so that public can find ones site. The bad web host company traps the customers who are new to this web world and are web host seekers. There are many factors to be considered while selecting a web host, but the factor placed at the top is none other than price. All the users want cheap web hosting but if the web hosting is chosen on the basis of only price then it will not satisfy other requirements.

One should be very careful while choosing the web hosting company.

If one is having the budget he can fix to it, if one is not having much idea about web hosting he/she may wonder “how do they make money” its better to be away, the chances are in order to save cost, the web site will be hosted with less bandwidth resulting in a very slow accessible and unprofessional web site. Also in this case, the customer support will be absent or very less.

One should be very clear about his/her requirements from the web hosting company, if the customer do not choose the company as per his/her requirements then its not the fault of host but only he/she will be solely responsible for that .Its good to make a list of requirements such as particular files needed and thereafter he/she can send his/her requirements to multiple hosting companies and can wait for the company come back with the greater service.

If any user is having more than one web site to host, as in case of affiliate marketers, its not good to put all sites with single host in the very beginning rather one should be 100% confident with the service and start with one web site as a test. The user should also keep in mind that if he/she wants to host all of his/her websites with one host company only, all it takes is, one problem to bring all his sites down and could result in lose of revenue. It is good to host some of the websites by another company so they can work even in case of problems.

Some web host companies offer testimonials on their own web site from valued customers recommending them. Seeing is not believing, one should call these customers and get a face value recommendation for him/her self.

What to do with the problems?

Now the problems can arise either due to the customer’s fault or by the web host company. There is no certainty of the technological Problem to occur, as it can occur any time but it’s all depending upon the host company how to handle such problem in order to keep the customer. If the user finds his/her web site dropping off line or slow downloading at a regular basis, then he/she should move to another web host company. If the problems pertain and the company is not paying attention to it means they are showing arrogant behavior towards their customers. Support is vital from a web host company and it should be 24 hour if it’s a large organization.

Virus Problems and Hackers

It is the responsibility of the company to ensure that the files of the customers are protected from virus and hackers at all times. There are number of companies having their web sites hacked and that happens only due to the reason that their web host company had not got the latest patches and security software applied. The new comers to web hosting should always ask how often updates and what software is used to protect web sites.


One can have a good earning by his/her web site or can be this only source of income for him/her. Therefore one should always do his/her own backups of the web site. If due to any reason the web host company experiences problem and has no backups available, then the whole business could go stop. Backups are very crucial and have to be done as regular as possible in order to avoid problems afterwards. Some companies have testimonials on their web site from customers, one should not be afraid to call these guys for an up to date reference.

One should be very careful while dealing with host companies and should check recommendations and references very carefully. Always one should ask for the full contact details of the web hosting company, as there are many people who simply go online and have an email address only as the contact. Now if their email goes down and one needs to contact them one should have their full details at hand. One should always shop around for the different web hosting plans and should compare all the features available. On comparison it’s sure to get large differences, therefore it’s very important to check each and every thing before final sign up.

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