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Spot Bad Web Hosts

Getting ripped off in the web hosting industry is very common and a lot of people fall victim to scam artists each year. This article will reveal how to spot the bad hosts and give you tips on how to avoid them.


The easiest way to ensure you are not going to be scammed is to only sign up for a hosting company that is recommended to you by a reliable source. A good source of information and approved hosts can be found at – it also has other valuable resources for people looking for hosting. If this is not possible, there are a few things you can try to see if your host is genuine.


Firstly, go to the potential host’s website. Find their contact details and call them (if they don’t have a phone number, then you should not bother – it means that this host is most likely operated from somebody’s bedroom. If they call and it doesn’t sound like a business (kids screaming in the background, not a professional, business greeting, etc), you should also ignore the host.


While you are at the website, look at the general design. Click on a few links. Do they have a support forum? If the website does not look professionally designed, you shouldn’t give up on them, but a you should see a warning flag – it could mean a new company without the staff to properly support you. When you looked at the forum, did you see a lot of unhappy customers? If you only see one or two, you can ignore them – everybody has customers that complains, and many of them over things that is out of the hosts control. If the general mood of the forum is pleasant, it usually means the customers are happy. If you see a LOT of complaints, you should find somebody else. If it’s a very empty forum, you should also go somewhere else – it most likely means that it’s a company without a lot of customers.


The last things you can do is to look up how old the company is. New companies are usually small and will not be able to provide proper support if something goes wrong (the owner and only staff member will most likely have a day-job). The easiest way to see how old the company is, is to see how long ago he’s domain was registered (the address of the site e.g. If it was registered recently, you should be wary, but if it’s a few years old, it means the company will have many happy customers, or they wouldn’t still be around. Doing this lookup is tricky sometimes, but the easiest way by far is to go to – find the “Domain Lookup” link and click on it. You must then type in the domain name of the host, without the www bit. For example, will become


Once the lookup is complete, you will get all sorts of information about the host, including the name, address, phone number and when the domain was registered. The last thing to do is to see if any of the information looks fake (e.g. a phone number of 123-1234) – if it does, you should not do business with them. If a company does not give you their real address and phone number, would you like to do business with them? Would you give them your credit card number?


There are many good hosts, but even more scam artists and rip-offs. If you follow the information in this guide, you shouldn’t encounter any of them. One thing you should always remember. If your gut feeling says a company is bad, then they most likely are.

Web Hosting Guidelines for Free!

1. The consistency of the service:

First of all think of a brand new hosting company which show off several features, dream of every user but alas! It doesn’t survive for too long. Let’s complete it with an example there is a company offering 500MB of storage capacity, 10GB of bandwidth a month, domain hosting, unlimited domain parking, CPanel along with all possible features, entirely no ads, and this merely for 150 posts in their forum. Outstanding as a dream? But after making few bucks they simply went offline. No declaration in advance, no regret, not anything!

Factors to be kept in mind:

1. Design:

A decent layout is quite important for the consideration. One should verify that the host to whom he/she is going to deal with possess a professional site or just a free template site, which is probably just a waste of time, nothing else.

What is their experience in this sector? It doesn’t mean that new sprung hosting services are worthless, but at least two months experience is quite essential.

One should also enquire about their Google PR, ranking, other locations etc. If the concern site possesses numerous inbound links, the host will have a good budget to maintain his/her client’s site.

2. Advertisements

One should also check for the ads that are placed on one’s space by his/her free web host. It is really annoying to display someone else’s ads on one’s page and it is in real sense the price user has to pay for free service of the provider. However there are some hosts who don’t put these banners or other forms of advertising in exchange for their services.

Thus one should look for:

1) How are the ads looking like in one’s page: User should keep in mind that the color patter of his/her site should not get disturbed with the color of the banner or ad placed by the provider? It is always better that user should select a host who permits user to place a banner code anywhere the user wants. This is the best way as the user is free to place the banner at the place of his/her ease.

2) To check if the host is displaying targeted ads: If one’s site displays totally contrast ads then it is really annoying for one’s visitors example if one’s site is for pet care and the ad is displaying car sale then it is really unprofessional. Moreover one must watch out for sites that display pornographic ads.

3) The kind of ads hosts are displaying: One should never at any cost sign up for a site that advertises through popups. The disadvantage of popups is that they are like a threat of viruses and so visitors don’t like to return back to one’s site after experiencing them.

4) Is the host permitting the user to display his/her own ads: User should check if the host is allowing him/her to display his/her own ads. This issue is not at all small and so user must take it seriously.

3. Availability of tools and scripts available

There are some good features like forums, guest books, counters; polls etc which one can use as additional to his/her site. If user is not willing to handle installing such an addon from a third party then he/she can search for a hosting provider who provides it in advance. One should understand that such tools are not always the best and most are available without any cost. In contrast, if user selects an hosting providing few or no such tools then they probably needs to counter a slow server which will adversely affects the clients.

4. Available bandwidth and situation after full consumption:

It doesn’t matter the size of one’s site but user should verify that the available bandwidth must be at least 1GB a month. The concern host should be such that who propose a paid subscription rather just jamming the accessibility of one’s page as he/she consumed the entire quota of bandwidth. This can be effective to maintain the flow of traffic with out any form of barrier.

To understand better here is simple calculation if one’s pages average are of 50kB, including images, or (approx.) 0.05MB. Now let’s assume one’s visitors browse 3 pages on average, before they leave the site. That is equivalent to 3 x 0.05 = 0.15 MB. Now after dividing 1GB (or 1,000 MB) by 0.15, the result obtained would be 6,666 i.e. the average number of visitors one can expect in one month without exceeding the bandwidth quota. Now after dividing that by 30 one will get 222 visitors per day. One should also keep in mind that search engines also consumes bandwidth which can be even consumption of as much as 100MB if one is having large number of pages.

5. What one’s URL will seem like?

Although one can receive a short URL without any cost from several sites, however, it’s quite nice if one’s host offer a URL that’s easy to memorize. One should go for a host that offers a sub domain if accessible (http://’ instead to’saccount).

Current Inimitable Features for Client From the Hands of Top Web Hosts

In the current event of time, some web hosts are offering additional features compare to others to the clients for the same price or even for a lower price. One cannot deny the fact that as due to cut – throat competition in the market several hosting providers are trying desperately to stay outstanding by adopting various methods. As a consequence, the web hosting service standards improved a lot and constantly is on verge of rising and evidently the clients are constantly enjoying the taste of amazing new features that were previously not there. Given below are the few things, which some web hosts frequently offer to their clients.

1.) Due to competitive market scenario website hosts are coming forward to assist the clients in the purpose of publishing and managing their own email newsletters or eZines. It is one of the most effective marketing weapons that promote sales. But some hosts go two-step forward by offering an infinite amount of auto responders. This assists a site owner automatically to pursue with prospects and therefore probability of making sale become significantly higher.

2.) In the contemporary era of time one can easily get the facility of hosting services that assists him/her to set up one’s own affiliate program which is verified to be the most successful route to grab traffic and profits for webmasters. There are several good sites like, which enables other website owners to promote their site and products on their site and in return can earn commissions from the sales that result from traffic that they have referred to one’s site as well.

3.) If one talks about the third most popular feature then it will probably be the service provided by the host to the users to protect their download page where the user is selling digital products for e.g. e-books, software etc. from his/her site. As in the current time period increasing number of hackers is a contentious issue and such sort of services definitely going to act as a pain killer for many webmasters.

4.) A few hosting services are also taking into account the hastily increasing threat of junk mail and offer quality filters to protect one’s email accounts. A few hosting providers even provide built-in anti-virus software in order that email that come to the inbox of the user along with the company of viruses, is automatically deleted.

Thus, above mentioned are the extra services, which hosts provide to the client. Thus, one can rightly say that,” The war between two, benefit the third party”.

Rationale of Dedicated Servers

The most commonly used windows dedicated server is based on windows operating system 2003. But Microsoft has another extended product to windows operating system 2008; it has more specifications to cater all the needs of the clients. It is an advanced product of Microsoft and all the users of Dedicated Server should upgrade their Microsoft windows server 2003 version to 2008 version to get benefit from the latest version of the product.

The operating system of windows server is specifically designed to meet the variety of business demands through server administrator, which has the authority to host all the internal and external purposes of dedicated server. On the other hand it has the option to configure it according to the requirements of the business. As many other specifications windows dedicated server hosting permit the clients to get the windows server installed with desirable add-ons. These server solutions can help the customers extend their business by achieving the excellent management.

There are so many brands available in the market but only cheap dedicated servers permit their customers’ to possess Microsoft Windows server in surroundings where the hosts can access all the data transmission going on with security, flexibility and ease. On the other hand windows server can be used for other different tasks, like it can act as media server by installing the software or as web server by installing its software; it’s a multidimensional kind of server and can be very good for the businesses and web based applications.

Most importantly Microsoft has loaded their server with other advance options like it can manage the other servers which have the same portal and this is very important in a way that it can manage to share the data with other servers and besides there will be no need to sign in on to the other servers to perform the task, this specification makes windows server so special.

People usually mix windows dedicated server with dedicated server hosting, there is a huge difference among them in terms of specifications and even working. In actual cases difference is about the use of operating systems in the package of Dedicated Servers then their arrangement in terms of specifications makes the difference.

As discussed above the dissimilarity is among the operating systems; Dedicated Server is usually accessible in the market with two very different operating systems OS, one of them is Microsoft windows server 2003 and 2008 which is then known as Dedicated Server and the other is Linux sharing. On the other hand dedicated server hosting are also termed as dedicated servers.

It is always necessary to make a little research before buying something. Although there is huge difference between windows dedicated servers and Dedicated Server and choosing among them is difficult but when it’s about handling your own business with protection and flexibility dedicated servers is the best solution.

Free Website Hosting. Is it Good or Bad?

Whether you are creating an informational website or starting up your first Ecommerce site you are going to need a good and reliable host provider. For most people when doing their first general search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc, they will find plenty of listings for free and paid websites that offer hosting. Many will ask, what’s the difference? And only a few will find out before it’s too late. Free and paid hosting have their advantages as well as their disadvantages, and in order to pick which one is right for you and your website you need to be able to differentiate between the two.

 Price is the most obvious difference between free and paid hosting and is usually why many beginners jump on the free ride. If you have a very limited budget and would like to spend you money on other areas of your website then free hosting always looks appealing. In the long run though, paying those few extra dollars a month can be very beneficial because most paid hosting come with extra features like; site builders, content management, enhanced functionality, and email accounts. These extra features can end up saving you a lot of time and even money as time goes by.   

 Both free and paid hosting also have their limitations, but with paid hosting you always have the option to upgrade if your website starts to demands more. With most free host providers you have a limited availability of space, file size, and support. Once these numbers have been reached you have very few options, if any, to choose from. Free hosting would not be recommended if you are planning on building an Ecommerce, social, or file sharing website. This is because these types of websites usually require the most space and support that is offered by hosts that you have to pay for. If you do try to go the free route with these types of sites, then in the end you will probably wind up purchasing hosting from someone else in order to keep your website going. If you are building a blog, informational, or personal site then free hosting maybe the way to go, because these site usually require the least amount of space and support.

 Another difference between free and paid hosting is with paid hosting you have more control over your website and the content that’s on it. There is a catch that comes with many free host providers, and that is they will post advertisements on your site in exchange for their free hosting. Advertisements for other products and services are where they usually make their money since they are not charging you for their services. It’s also almost definite that you will not get your own unique domain name when pursuing the free side of hosting. Usually your domain name will end up being their sites name followed by the name of your websites. This can sometimes be looked upon as unprofessional from the Internet community and people visiting your website. With paid hosting however you have total control over your site and you can do as you please when it comes to having your own unique domain name and the content and posting of advertisements.

 So which one is better for you? Well it all depends on what type of website you want to create and how far you want to take it. Most webmasters will tell you to go with paid hosting because in the long run its better and comes with more options and flexibility. Whatever road you do decide to travel down make sure you do your homework first and know exactly what you are getting into before you make your final decision.

Features in a Web Host

There are several sensitive areas, which a user should take into consideration while selecting a web host:

1. Disk space

2. Bandwidth

3. Scripts and utilities

4. Dedicated/Shared servers

5. Customers service/Support

6. Uptime/Reliability

7. Price

8. Free Hosting Providers

1. Disk Space: It denotes space provided by the host to the user in which he/she can locate his/her web site. It can ranges from 25MB to GBs to store all the essential requirements of the user. One can easily calculate storage space if his/her site is already constructed by considering all the aspects. This is the least requirement by the user. For sure success one should go for a plan having additional resources in comparison to user’s current requirement.

2. Bandwidth: One of the crucial parts to verify is regarding bandwidth. There are several sites, which loose their host due to excessive downloads causing budget going beyond their expectations. Occasionally, host even charges in hundreds of dollars for the additional bandwidth. One should confirm about this before dealing with any of the host. Usually, ideal-hosting providers deliver initial bandwidth of 25 to 50 GB to the users.

3. Scripts and Utilities: Does one’s priority is dynamic information related to his/her products and services? If the answer is yes! Then user’s plan should include a database tool. One cannot deny the fact that, Databases are extremely multitalented and will change according to the operating system, which the user chooses for his/her hosting server.

If one talks about further famous scripts it usually includes chat rooms, forums, blogs, and calendar programs and help desk software. Such scripts, which come along with user’s hosting plan, are pre-configured by the service host so that user can properly work on their server. There are several hosts which even propose the Fantastico script package known to be the combination of 36 different free scripts which a user can easily install to his/her website.

Next thing to consider is the 3rd party script. These are those scripts which are available on the net to purchase and one can easily install to his/her website. One should note that there are only few of the scripts, which one can run on both the operating systems i.e. Windows and Linux; however, others are meant for only one operating system to be used.

4. Dedicated or Shared Servers: If one talks about the key difference between a dedicated and shared server then it is that there are several sites present on a shared server, however, there is only one website in case of a dedicated server.

Through a shared server one can save a high amount. If one talks about the drawbacks then Spamming and blacklisting from different search engines are the key problems. Such problems arise due to the reason that several sites are assign to one particular IP address. One should demand for a separate IP address for his/her website (on additional monthly charges) to secure the user from such problems.

Dedicated servers are considered best for big, highly trafficked websites, which requires large amounts of server resources to run. One of the negative points of dedicated server is that the server’s resources are divided across all the sites it’s hosting and answering page requests for. Thus, if one is working in a dedicated environment he/she always has to keep an eye on his/her resources. Another disadvantage is that dedicated servers costs around per month or even more whereas shared hosting can be purchased for mere 5$ a month.

5. Support system: Another important aspect to consider is support. What is host’s response time? Does their phone support is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Additional features one should verify for:

Is there POP email account, if yes, then how many?

What no. Of database is there?

Is there Web based e-mail with the host?

Does they provide Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus filters?

Do they provide the facility of Password Protected to user’s directories?

Is their frequent backup if by chance crash in server takes place?

Does user get some money return back, if he/she is dissatisfied with services?

Does there is assistance for Perl, PHP, Crontab and Secure Server Layer?

There are several good hosting providers in the market, who known for their rapid response and numerous amounts of other excellent qualities for reasonable price.

Hence, one should before choosing should keep in mind the above-mentioned points, which can prevent the user from unexpected future problems.

6. Uptime and Dependability: Another influential factor. Is there any performance guarantee provided by the host? Can user expect a refund if he/she is suffering from downtime form a very long period? Is there any money back guarantee in the contract? There are several hosts in the market who refund full or partial amount of monthly fees (excluding spamming or other illegal activity) if user is dissatisfied with their service quality and want to quit their service option.

7. Price: In general one will get hosting service between the ranges of .00 – .00 dollars a month; it may very according to features provided. Service below .00 a month is quite awful in usual sense. Similarly, any service above .00 a month can provide not only a package of awesome features but probably can also include a complimentary domain name; a unique offer not provided by everyone.

8. Free Hosting Providers: In today’s market one can enjoy website hosting at quite nominal amount. Hence, there is nothing worthwhile in going for a free web hosting; as there is nothing free as it seems like.


One can end the search on an ideal host by thinking ahead. One should purchase as much possible bandwidth and disk space at the most reasonable price he/she can. One should know that every website requires room to groom which user needs to deliver without any form of much risk.

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