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Emeritus Announces Operating Results for Third Quarter 2010

Emeritus Announces Operating Results for Third Quarter 2010
Emeritus Corporation , a national provider of senior living services, today announced its third quarter 2010 results.
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Feed-in Tariffs Spurring Community Power
The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has signed feed-in tariff contracts for 384 MW of community-owned renewable energy projects in the Canadian province.
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Dell to Buy Boomi for Cloud Integration Platform
In its first acquisition since losing out on the 3PAR bidding war with HP, Dell today announced it has agreed to acquire Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) integration software vendor Boomi for an undisclosed sum.
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Open Source Groupware Provider Forecasts 24 Million Users by Year End
Sixty percent year-over-year growth by Open-Xchange attributed to SaaS growing popularity
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Hosted PBX and VoIP Solutions

Hosted PBX and VoIP solutions have become a part of many small and medium business enterprises today. These phone solutions help to manage business communications efficiently and affordably.

Hosted PBX Solutions Streamline Your Official Communications

The hosted PBX phone system comes with state-of-the-art features that would impress your callers. On making calls, callers can hear professional sounding greetings, provided by the advanced auto attendant feature. As all calls are automatically attended, there is no need to worry about missing any important business call. Moreover, these calls are further directed to extensions, groups, conference rooms, mailboxes or unlimited depths of the additional auto attendants, as required.

In case the intended person is not available, callers can leave voice messages in the voice mail boxes. The phone system is customizable; personal greetings, automatic callback and centralized messages can be integrated to the voicemail boxes.

There is also the option of an advanced live person answering system, for those who want to communicate with your sales professionals straight away. For this, a telephone number is set up to ring to a specific extension or group of extensions first, enabling sequential dialing. The call is then attended by the sales professional who takes the call first.

No Maintenance Required for VoIP Phones

As PBX VoIP solutions are hosted services, there is no need to maintain any additional hardware, software or complex networks in your office. This is entirely a web-based solution, which functions from the service provider’s premises. You just need an Ethernet connection which will be linked to your existing phone connection. Therefore, this becomes an ideal means for small businesses to cut down telecommunication expenses. Even your personal numbers and the extensions of your home network can be integrated to this single line without any need for installing hardware.

Moreover, with all these advanced features and functionalities of the hosted PBX and VoIP solutions, you can create a bigger business image and build up your business to the next higher level.

Affordable Hosted PBX Small Office Phone System

Small to medium business organizations can now improve the way their business telecommunication is conducted with the help of the highly affordable hosted PBX small office phone systems.

Affordable Telecommunication System for Small Budget Businesses

Small offices go in for the hosted PBX small office phone system as they it provides them with the advanced communication capabilities that are normally found in expensive phone systems. The advantage of this small phone system is that it is implemented through a dedicated phone connection. In other words, small offices do not have to go through the hassles of installing expensive PBX components in their premises. The service providers maintain the needed equipment at their sites, offer timely upgrades and maintenance services and provide the PBX system to the small offices at affordable rates.

Performs Instant Call Routing

The hosted PBX small office phone system is designed with outstanding call handling and customer interface functions like auto attendant, voicemail, voice to email, find me follow me call forwarding, caller identity and more. The auto attendant greets callers appropriately and provides them with several options for routing calls to desired extensions. It efficiently manages several calls arriving together and routes calls promptly without sending out busy telephone line signals.

Manages Unattended Calls

The stylish call forwarding option in this small office phone system allows business owners and employees to work from convenient locations. It forwards calls from the main lines to alternate telephone numbers. Calls that are not personally attended to during busy business hours are forwarded to voicemail boxes, enabling callers to place voice messages. Voice messages are transferred to email accounts, so that business matters can be dealt with even from far off places. All this minimizes the possibility of missed and unattended calls.

These comprehensive features of the hosted PBX provide low budget firms with a reliable and affordable small office phone system, giving them the image of a Fortune 500 company and an edge over their competitors.

Hosted Pbx Small Business Phone Systems

Hosted PBX small business phone systems are powerful tools for growing your business. This seamless business communication technology takes your business to greater heights, and is fast becoming the choice for all size businesses that wish to create a big business image for themselves.  Most SOHO business clients are interested in implementing hosted PBX small business phone systems as these come with a wide array of features to meet the various needs of your business.

In the information age, virtual telephone systems afford an easy and swift transmission of information. A hosted PBX is an interactive computerized system with state-of-the-art advanced technology that makes possible effective local as well as long distance communication on phone. Without any hardware or software installation, you can quickly and effectively employ a VoIP system for answering calls, forwarding calls, saving and relaying messages, recording greetings, routing phone calls and paging services. With a hosted PBX small business phone system, you get all the basic utility features such as:

•    Inbound caller ID lookup
•    Auto attendant
•    Call waiting
•    SMS voicemail notification
•    Call forwarding
•    Voice mail – multiple boxes
•    Conferencing
•    Voice mail to email
•    Find me/follow me
•    Transfer and hold functions

This Internet based phone system uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.  Compared to traditional phones, the virtual system enables a broader array of features that serve to enhance customer satisfaction, improve productivity and deliver exceptional improvement in business. With this virtual PBX phone system, small businesses can function just like Fortune 500 companies.

This full-service virtual system with easy to use features can eliminate many of the problems including echo and dropped calls. Routing your calls over the Internet helps you to save money without multiplying your operating expenses. Above all, this system helps to free your business from geographical constraints. Owing to its rich features such as a variety of flexible service plans, high quality voice service with low monthly service fees and minimal start-up costs, a hosted PBX small business phone system is capable of making an everlasting impact.

When you need a hosted phone plan or a new virtual telephone system, just run a search on the Internet to find the best provider who can satisfy your needs.

Hosted PBX VoIP – A Cost-effective Solution

Hosted PBX VoIP phone system is a cost-effective solution for all small and medium-sized businesses. You can enjoy all advanced features of an expensive phone system and enhance your business telecommunication with ease at affordable rates.

Reduce Overheads with Hosted PBX VoIP Phones

There is no need to implement on-site expensive and complex hardware, software or networks in your premises. The PBX VoIP phone system functions through a web-based server maintained by the service provider. Data connectivity is made through voice service delivered over Internet protocol. Therefore, you simply need a broadband connection (DSL, FIOS or Cable) which will be integrated to your corporate phone system. This web interface of the phone system helps businesses make long distance calls at highly affordable rates. In addition, companies with more than one office can easily and effectively communicate with their employees and clients at any time.

Feature-rich Phone System to Enhance Your Small Business

Though traditional phone systems possess all the advancements for better communication, deploying them in small business settings is rather expensive. A PBX VoIP phone system lets you enjoy all those sophisticated call management features and draw more prospects to your business. With its auto attendant feature, callers will be appropriately addressed with professional sounding greetings. The calls are routed to extensions, mailboxes, groups, conference rooms, call queues, or unlimited depths of additional auto attendants, as you find in expensive conventional models. Live person answering service is also integrated with this telecommunication system, all at reasonable rates.

The hosted PBX VoIP phones function as call centers, if there are multiple calls simultaneously coming to your office. The call queues are routed to the sales or service agents of your office, one of whom answers the call.

Pay Only Affordable Monthly Charges

Hosted PBX VoIP phone service providers can give you any desired number of phone extensions for your small office. Toll free numbers and local numbers are provided along with this. Hosted PBX value added services are provided at an affordable monthly fee.

Capital Power to host second annual investor day event

Capital Power to host second annual investor day event
Capital Power Corporation will be hosting its second annual investor day event on Thursday, December 9, 2010 in Toronto.
Read more on CNW Group via Yahoo! Finance

Google Soups Up Apache With New Speed Module
Google on Wednesday released mod_pagespeed, a module for the Apache HTTP Server that will automatically perform various website speed optimization tasks. This includes 15 or so on-the-fly optimizations. Google claims mod_pagespeed reduces average page load times by up to 50 percent.

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