Hiring The Best SEO Company In 4 Easy Steps

If you are going to launch a website today, you need to have a lot of ideas in mind. You will not be able to just go on the web and put up a site for millions of people to see. Rarely do you get to just put your website up and get a deluge of traffic from all corners of the internet. In fact, you will end up crippling your market share if you adhere to this notion that you can just set something up and leave it alone. That’s not something that is possible, and even though some people tout that it is, it’s absolutely not. If you want to get the most attention for your page possible, it’s imperative that you follow a few steps to hire the best SEO company.

best seo companyThere are no less than 4 steps that should suffice to get you the best company for your individual needs. Remember, you don’t just want to go with hiring what is perceived to be the best SEO company, you want the best one for you. That’s the tipping point that most people don’t realize until it’s too late. Consider the following steps in your quest to hire the right firm:

Step #1: Take a Step Back

First of all, what is it that you truly need? Assess what your website is about and what you need to get through. Do you need traffic, link generation, or do you need more leads? Do you want to just pull the numbers up or do you want conversions? Think about the bigger picture and don’t hire anyone until you know exactly what you want out of a relationship with an SEO firm. If you do not do this, you will find yourself awash with bad companies and a lot of problems moving forward. Know what you need, or admit you aren’t sure what you want, either way this is an important part of the hiring process.

Step #2: Call Several Companies

The second step is a simple one, call a few companies and get a quote. Don’t just ask for prices, hear out the company and how they would attract users to visit your page. You need to have a full understanding of what the process is going to be like, and at the end of the day, results matter. Don’t tell them that you’ve been in contact with other companies, and just keep an open mind. Ask questions and be ready to navigate a lot of “sales” pitches and things like that. Only after you have a conversation with several companies will you be able to ascertain whether the people you’re talking to can claim that their brand is the best. Anyone can say they work with or are a part of the best SEO company, but proving it becomes a bit more difficult. A conversation, however, helps at least paint a picture either way.

Step #3: Ask For Proof

Experience is everything when it comes to SEO. If you contact a company and they are telling you that they are the greatest, and they will get you to the #1 spot in Google, don’t listen. Pay closer attention to their track record, and ask for references. Make sure that you look into whether or not they have awards, certifications, and have a client list of happy customers. If not, then you will know that they don’t have a leg to stand on.

Step #4: Consider Creativity From The Company

One thing that was recently highlighted in online marketing magazines was that the best SEO company is not necessarily the one that does the most business, but perhaps the one that is the most creative within the rules of optimization. Creativity goes a long way with tech, and if you can melt the two together with a strategy that works in the realms of SEO, then by all means work with it.

6 Questions to Consider When Creating an Original SEO Post

SEO experts claim that an original SEO post contains information that can be indexed by search engines. The search engines recommend the SEO post to readers who may be looking for information that’s relevant to the topic of the SEO post.

1.Is your SEO post cluttered with advertisements?

SEO post cluttered with advertisementsPlacing advertisements at different locations can make your readers confused. Place the advertisements on the right side of your original SEO post so that your readers will know where to begin reading.

Look at your website where your SEO post is located to determine if your readers can read your content. Your website should have a simple and clean design to help your readers focus on your content.

2.Does your SEO post have any errors that can affect its reading level?

Content with factual and grammar errors can receive low page ranking from search engines. The low page ranking can affect the reading level of your SEO post.

A way to determine your SEO post’s reading level is to use Google’s advanced search function. The advanced search function will categorize your SEO post in any of the three reading levels. The reading levels are advanced, basic, and intermediate.

The advanced reading level is for readers who have completed 10th grade or above. Readers who have completed 9th grade to 12th grade can read SEO posts that have an intermediate reading level. The basic reading level is for readers who have completed 4th grade to 6th grade. The result of the reading level is located below the URL of the SEO post.

3.Is your SEO post well-edited?

An original SEO post has content that organizes facts and your thoughts clearly. Readers will know that you took the time to revise your misspellings and grammar.

Editing an SEO post involves seven steps. First, you have to research about your topic. Second, your thoughts and researched facts should be written on paper. Third, you have to sort through your thoughts and researched facts to determine which of them should be added to your SEO post. Fourth, you have to arrange your thoughts and researched facts. Fifth, you have to make a draft of your SEO post. Sixth, you have to revise your draft before letting someone else read it.

4.Is your SEO post located on your website that has page authority?

SEO website postPage authority is the probability that your SEO post will be listed by a search engine. Readers will think of you as an expert on a certain topic if your website has a high page authority. A low page authority will let readers believe that your website does not have credible information.

A way to increase your website’s page authority is to include relevant keywords and links in your SEO post. The links and keywords must re-direct readers to credible and relevant websites.

5.Is your SEO post providing unique content?

SEO contentReading the same content can bore your readers, so your original SEO post must have unique content. Copying and pasting similar contents from other SEO posts can make your readers think that you’re not an expert in your topic.

6.Would some of your readers complain if they read your SEO post?

Readers will complain if your SEO post contains content that’s not relevant to the topic. For example, an SEO post that explains about cell phones but has a topic about laptops won’t seem interesting to readers.

A way to make your content interesting is to search for other SEO posts that have a similar topic as your SEO post.

Answering these questions will pay off because your original SEO post will continue to be indexed by search engines. The indexing will continue until your SEO post is placed in the first page of the search results.